Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Personal Reflection

I have included this because I wanted to be clear what I have learnt making this project. There are several things that I learnt.
For 1, sometimes we need to go for the ‘right’ idea rather then the idea we want. Personally I wanted the hat idea, but I encountered several problems like making the exterior, interior and floor plan. I really felt it was unique but after doing more research in themed restaurants, I realized it can’t survive in the long run.
That is why I opted to force fit my ideas together. It wasn’t so bad. It even had several pros since the new idea had several purposes, saving space.
For 2, I learnt that we need to have flow in our work. This is to allow the reader to better understand our work. It also makes checking work easier, since there is some sense of organization.
Also, the SketchUp was too much for our Macs. SketchUp is a 3D software, not 2D. Thus multiple lags and crashes would make us wait close to forever just to move a tiny little thing a tiny little bit. It hogs our CPU, RAM. When it crashes, we must restart out work, killing our mood entirely to do work.

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